Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An introduction to some of our "residents"

I'm a tad bit bored so I thought I'd introduce some of the residents here. I am a huge believer that God brings people, and animals, into our lives for a certain amount of time. Sometimes that time is shorter than others. I believe most of what is here now are "lifers" unless something drastic changes.

This is Maxi. At 10 years old, she's currently our oldest. Most of the time she's too cool to play with the younger kitties. She's the picture of a lazy cat and sleeps most of the day.

This WAS Highway on the day that we brought her home. My youngest daughter and I were going to the store and almost hit her. We brought her home, she ate half a can of cat food, then her body started shutting down. I had to force feed her for a week to keep her alive. I don't know why this tiny kitty caught my heart like she did but she was well worth the effort.

This is Highway NOW. Isn't she beautiful! She amazed everyone, including the vets. After her first week with us, and just when she started eating on her own, she got sick. I went to the vet's office and got some medicine for her and their words were "IF she makes it through the night, bring her in tomorrow morning". They didn't even think she'd live. Highway is, without a doubt, my favorite kitty. The bad thing is that she HATES being cuddled and I want to cuddle her so bad!

Ahhh Henry. We've had Henry for almost a year now. In the middle of July last summer, Henry somehow found his way to our church bus's engine. It took 2 days to get him out and we ended up with him. He is the picture of a crazy kitty, no joke. One minute he's a sweet as can be, the next minute he's biting a clawing.

Most of the time Henry wants to be right in your face. He's such a love bug that pictures like this one of his nose are most of the pictures that I have of him.

There he is! He loves lounging on the bed. He's one cat that you don't want to turn your back on. If you make him angry, he WILL chase you down and snag your leg. But we love him anyway.

Next time, the doggies!

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