Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is the life I've chosen

Let me tell ya', it's not easy being a trucker's wife. With Hubby gone, I have to do EVERYTHING, including attend the "Donuts for Dads" thing at the school next week. It's really not a big deal and I've become independent over the last few years. Today is yard work. Spring is here and that means mowing, trimming, planting the garden, and spraying weeds. I really enjoy doing this stuff but it takes away from other stuff that I could be doing.

I've done a lot of "man" things over the last few years including replacing sink faucets, putting up a wall kit around our bath tub (that was fun!), building steps for the porch, and disposing of snakes. I've fixed the refrigerator when it started messing up. When the heater quit, I finally broke down and called someone. We're on natural gas and I don't mess with that stuff. Oh that made me MAD, too, LOL. I've picked up starved horses (had to call for a trailer for that one), caught them when they got out of the fence, fixed the fence (LOL), and built things. There's not much that I can't do anymore. I'm also available at all times for field trips and other school functions. I stay home most of the time to be available to the school, kids, or hubby if I'm needed.

I don't say all this to brag on myself. A lady at the school always gives me funny looks when I say that I've been doing "man" things. She's one of those moms that only cooks, cleans, and shops. If that was my "life" I'd go crazy. I can't wait for a man. If I waited on Hubby to get home to mow, the grass would be a foot tall when he did it. The same with most other things. And why should he have to work on his few days off? Sometimes I'll ask him to help me with hay and dog food but that don't take long.

I know that I've had a few lurkers and I just want to say that being a trucker's wife isn't all fun and games. Aside from having your husband gone 90% of the time, you have to take care of everything while he's gone. I know a lot of women that just couldn't handle that.


  1. Hey, thanks for the baby update yesterday. We are all very excited about Macy's baby brother, can't wait to see her again.

    Mr. McClung

  2. You're very welcome. Macy wanted everyone to know about her little bro. Oh, a little birdy told me that yesterday was your birthday. Happy Birthday!

  3. Hello! I wanted to comment on your post because my husband recently became a truck driver. He's graduated from school and is now on his way to working 3 weeks a month, with only 3 days off. We are both 25 years old and have a 4 year old son. I've been alone now for almost a week and am already going crazy. I toggle back and forth with the thought that this is never going to work out. I feel like my entire life has just died. How are we (my son and I) supposed to live without our greatest hero in our lives? 3 days off is certainly not a lot of time to catch up on from 3 weeks gone. We are so young and I fear that this will be our life forever. What can we do to make sure we dont end up divorced because I can't handle the loneliness.... Thank you. I too have a blog on blogspot. If you care to check it out, it's Thanks.

  4. Hi Nicole! I've tried and tried to post a comment on your blog and I must be doing something wrong! Would you mind emailing me at, I'd love to talk to you!