Monday, February 16, 2009

A new puppy

My cousin's boyfriend is in the hospital. He had open heart surgery and he's got at least 2 more surgeries to come. So when her oldest daughter gave her a puppy, it was at the worst possible time imaginable. I went over there last night and fell in love, and I can't stand puppies. She's only about 8 weeks old, almost totally black, and a pure bred shih tzu. She's just about the most adorable thing you can think of and totally sweet and loving. She follows us everywhere and potty training has been fairly easy so far (I spent 3 years potty training Runt).

Here's a couple shots of the little thing. She's just adorable, right?

I am a firm believer in crate training. It's a wonderful tool to keep a dog owner sane. I crate trained Runt because she was destroying my house when I went to work (once upon a time, I had a job). This new baby is no different, but she sure thinks so. She's currently in her crate screaming like a little fool. Even Runt's tired of it and complaining about the noise.
I just keep telling myself, just a day or two and she'll be used to it. Oh Lord, help me to make it that far! TW


  1. How can you not fall for eye's like that? I mean really... our family had a pug for many, many years and its facial impressions, particularly when just having broken the law were pricessless. We might use that face for a creative writing session with the students of my classroom!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate,
    Hamilton, New Zealand.

  2. It is nice when the dog is smart enough to learn quickly. It makes life much easier for the rest of us.
    Mr. C