Friday, February 27, 2009

Some people just can't be happy.

I really have no life. While most people make their kids ride the bus home from school, I go and pick mine up every day. The school is gracious enough to allow us parents access to the cafeteria area to wait on our children. To me, this is a wonderful way to stay connected with other parents and just let the school know that you're there if and when they need you.

Anyhow, there's this ONE mom. She's never happy about anything in her life. I think she thrives on being cranky and disappointed. She has 2 sons who are both special needs. The older son, she's counting the days until he can move out when he's 18. The youngest is in 3rd grade and just starting to give her tons of trouble. She gripes when the school tries to help them but she gripes when they don't do enough. She complained to me when her oldest son got good notes mailed home to her. The teacher was complimenting him and that made her mad. You can't understand a word that her youngest son says but she complains that speech takes away from his normal class time. I don't think anything will make this woman happy. (By now, some of you teachers that have been at our school for a while may know who she is.)

Her latest pet peeve, aside from her family that are the most worthless deadbeats she's ever met, is the cleanliness of the playground. While I agree that it is a mess, she doesn't want to do anything about it but complain. And she tries to recruit other people to complain about it as well. I was sitting right there when she told the assistant principal that the Conservation Club needed to clean it up (the teacher that sponsors that club was out for over a month because of a surgery). The assistant principal said the mom needed to go out there and clean it up herself, LOL. Today she called the superintendent's office. UGH!

It's not just the school that gets her wrath. The local police probably want to have her number blocked by now. She gripes about everything to them, as well. She called one day about someone who had passed her driving down the road. She said the officer answered the phone saying "What is it now, Mrs. T". That should say enough.

She takes everything so personal. She had a job but her family wasn't doing well with her being gone so she quit to stay home again. During small talk, people ask if she's working or if she's found another job or whatever. That makes her MAD because they're all in her business. I told her that it's just small talk but it don't seem to help.

Anyhow, I'm sure you all know someone like this woman. People who can't find the good in anything that goes on. The world is a big tar pit and we're all just waiting to fall in, right? Well some of us aren't like that. I try to find something good in everything. Many of you may not know this but Hubby is a cancer survivor. Six years ago, he looked like this.

After I shaved his head, I used duck tape to get the rest of the hair out. We sent that story to a duck tape web site and he won a hat and a roll of duck tape! Even during the worst of times (and believe me, chemotherapy is one of the WORST times!), we found something to make us laugh. I thank God every day that he's still with us and able to get his butt kicked by his daughter at boxing!


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